I've been already here for 3 months and a half. During this time I've lived lots of different situations, I've pass through some difficulties, I've laughed, cried and learn. Learn in the way I like the most, not with formal classes, with loads of notes and pressure. Learn by doing, feeling, falling down and standing up. Learn from the others over a glass of wine in a Saturday night.

I'm discovering so many things about myself, and I'm not even in the middle of my EVS. When sometimes I feel down, I just think about all the things that I've still to learn, to live, all the conversations I'll keep, the people I'll meet, the new feelings I'll have…and it cheers me up.

And because of everything I've mentioned before, little by little a new feeling is growing up very deep inside me…Wanderlust. I saw this beautiful word  for the first time 2 days ago, in an article written by a couple who decided to leave their jobs and travel the world.  Is a German word (which doesn't exist in Spanish) that means "a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world". I've been always curious about different cultures and ways of live, but now that I'm living my first long experience abroad, this feeling is becoming stronger, is penetrating in my mind with such a strong power that seems to be it's going to stay there forever.

A lot of people like to travel, but the meaning of this world is not the same for everyone. For me, travelling is not about crossing out of the list the countries you've visited, it's about discovering, falling in love with life a little bit more every time and finding yourself at home even if you are thousands miles away from your hometown.

There is a question that people ask me a lot: Don't you miss your home? and they pronounce it with kind of sadness. Missing home or somebody is not a such a negative feeling for me, It just means that you have a strong connection with them and because of that you feel their absence.


I'll finish this post with two photos that was taken in Narva-Jõesuuwhere I could contemplate the sea for hours…