问题 (in chinese, problem and question are the same word)











Sometimes I've the feeling that we're questions with legs, we're just the beginning of all the questions that will come.It's funny 'cause sometimes we find an answer to a question that we didn't even ask, but there it is. And we take it, or let it go…or whatever in between.

And it also happens, that we are obsessed with finding answers to certain questions and we get frustrated or upset when we don't find them, or if we do, we don' get completely satisfied. Most of the time we miss a lot of things, not because the answer is difficult to find, but because we are not asking the right questions. 


There is ' why' kind of people. They spend all the life asking why, to themselves and to the rest of the world. If they don't come up with the answer, then, they  ask you. If you cannot provide them one, they research. We've to be thankful to the 'Why' kind of people, as they're the ones who has helped us to evolve as a civilization. But actually it's not always needed to ask the reason of every single thing that happens around you. Sometimes it just happens. That's it.  Sit down, shut up and enjoy the show. Simple.

Then, there is ' for what' type of people. The reason searchers. 'For what'  is the first question they wonder in all the situations. If they don't see any concrete and clear purpose, just don't want to continue speaking. The people who belong to this group, feel that if somebody explain them a problem, is to provide them a solution. So they do it. And they don't understand the healer value of just share what happens to you, without asking for any advise. Just that.

Last but not least, there is ' why not' kind of people. This kind is the reason for writing all this post. I've asked myself a lot of questions and have listen to a huge list of questions from others…But I've to say, that, in 22 years…ok, 23, very few people that I was in contact with (and even myself) pronounce this two words, together, with a question mark at the end :

W H Y  N OT?

And here, I'm amazed by hearing this question so often. Some volunteers and quite a lot (in comparison to what I'm used to) of locals. I specially love this question when is the answer of other question: WHY.  The people who ask why, get the best answer never. ever. Even if in that moment they think it's stupid, or shitty one. It's not.

This sort of people are  the most dangerous people ever, because they're the ones who truly change. They don't fall in love with something that already exists, but with the things that would be invented.


…Finally, it's doesn't matter which group you belong to, or if you don't belong to any group or if  you are a mix of everything,  because, sooner or later (usualy late) you realize that the point of life, is not about finding all the answers...

but about  finding out more and more questions.