Everything in life depends on self-motivation, If you follow some targets in your life, in your free time, in your job, your hobbies, travelling, lifestyle, family.. Even the expecations on ourselfs have an huge impact. The motivation changes the way how we achieve our goals, changes the way how we reach our goals. But the motivation is also influenced by the weather, by music we listen to, by the success we already achieved, and how important they are for us, in addition by our experiences in childhood and daily life.



The last week was completely awesome, we had great and amazing sunshine everyday, with a clear blue sky and no clouds. In the morning I woke up and the sun put a smile on my face because it was shining so bright. It felt like a present to feel the spring after such a long and icecold winter. I cant tell you exeactly why, but those days where very motivating for me and let me make a huge step to achieve my goals. The fact, that it wasnt so warm in this time of year for the last 40 years, was very inspiring me. The city, which seems to sleep during the winter, was full of people.. It reminds me of the brownbear in Sibiria. He hibernates the whole winter, to survive the cold days and when it gets warmer, he wakes up, like the people in Narva. The weather really pushed me and maked me happy, I started to dance in my house, I ran outside and did a lot of sporty activities, I also started painting and drawing again, which was my number one hobby as a child. Since Im that far away from my homecountry, since I live independently, in a very different and interesting city, which is located in an unknown country, I see the things of life with another eyes. That things, that are really important, to find my goals I want to follow and my dreams of life.. thats what really matters. Motivation, which gives me the breath of Life.

I will show you some pictures of my drawing and of the wonderful, warm days in Narva.